Süleymaniye Mosque

The Suleymaniye Mosque is an iconic landmark located in Istanbul, Turkey. Built by the Ottoman Empire’s most renowned architect, Mimar Sinan, the mosque is an architectural marvel that stands as a testament to the wealth and grandeur of the Ottoman Empire. Sitting atop one of Istanbul’s seven hills, the mosque is surrounded by lush gardens and offers breathtaking views for miles.

The Suleymaniye Mosque is an important religious site, home to many congregations and rituals. Its beautiful minarets, grand courtyards, and intricate tile work make it a stunning place to experience. Visitors often marvel at its grandeur, taking in its mix of Neo-Byzantine, Ottoman, and Persian architectural influences.

The Suleymaniye Mosque is an inspiring landmark which is sure to leave you in awe. Its beauty and cultural significance make it an excellent destination for anyone looking to learn more about the history of the Ottoman Empire or for those seeking a spiritual experience. From its grand facades and peaceful gardens, to its rich religious and cultural heritage, the Suleymaniye Mosque is a must for anyone wishing to experience the grandeur and glory of Istanbul.


  • We attended a traditional Turkish music performance and were mesmerized by the haunting melodies.

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